Save on Countertops, Appliances, Fireplaces, Lighting & More

4 Simple Steps to Get "My Builders Discount"

  1. Select your city from the drop down list above.
  2. View the list of participating Suppliers in your city.
  3. Enter your Builder/Remodeler’s information on the “Discount Certificate” form and print.
  4. Bring your “Discount Certificate” with you and present  to the Supplier prior to making your selections.

Because of your Builders/Remodelers membership in the homebuilding industry, they have qualified to participate in the “My Builders Discount” program.

This entitles YOU, their customer, to discounts  from a lot of  the same Suppliers that they deal with every day.

When the time comes to add/upgrade items in your home, such as appliances, fireplaces, lighting, or cabinets, you can do so from the trusted Suppliers that your Builder/Remodeler use.

Why offer you Builders Discounts? The Suppliers want to keep the Builders and Remodelers loyalty. By offering a discount to the Builder’s/Remodeler’s homeowners they create a great way for the Builder/Remodeler to show their appreciation to you. A happy homeowner will tell friends and neighbors who are looking to build or remodel what a great Builder/Remodeler they have.

  • Suppliers get Builders/Remodelers Loyalty
  • Builders/Remodelers get referrals from their homeowners
  • Homeowners get discounts for items they add/upgrade in their home
  • It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN

Trusted Suppliers

Chances are, you chose your Builder/Remodeler for many of the same reasons they choose their Suppliers.

  • Quality products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent selection
  • Friendly customer service

Program Features

Additional features that you’re sure to enjoy:

  1. YES — There are NO enrollment forms.
  2. YES — There are NO fees — EVER.
  3. YES — It’s 100% FREE.
  4. YES — You will enjoy the discounts.